Strauss was born in 2018 as a need to orchestrate and communicate our 8 channels so that today we could be the motor of artificial intelligence that outlines, directs, and manages each one of the users in a personalized way, learning assertively how to manage each one of our business areas: debt collection, sales and customer service.

Today, Strauss accomplishes how to correctly establish the way of contacting, speaking and specially how to have clarity in which is the correct managing channel (call, chat, web app, email or text message) for each client, providing the correct offer in each of the managing processes and that way become the first omnichannel solution that understands the service as a service and not as a technology.

InteliBPO understood that what changed was the HOW and not the WHAT!, for that, Strauss, which is our component leader of artificial intelligence orchestrates in a synchronized and efficient way the different channels, looking always for compliance of the goals of our client and the best experience for their users based on disruptive strategies and continuous learning.

Strauss permits InteliBPO make different successful campaigns, for example:

  • Lower inbound calls to the hot line
  • Build loyalty and retain users
  • Place credit 100% digitally
  • Recover collection from early to advanced ages
  • Renew credits and regain clients
  • Support logistic procedure
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Data update and product information
  • Satisfaction surveys

Thanks to Strauss we can say that BPO’s digital transformation is a fact, but, instead of the what, what changed was the how. We understand that the user’s management must be focused on the user’s needs and objectives, handing alternatives that exceed their expectations.

Thanks to our orchestrator, InteliBPO operates in more than 13 Latin American countries, conducting approximately 80 million procedures per month without any users. We have project managers supplied by Strauss that with their experience, strategies and analytical reports, take us to the best directed decisions for goal achievement, exceeding business goals and reducing actual yearly costs of our clients.

How did we do it?

In an omnichannel way where the user is predominant (customer of our client), we have been able to provide services in sectors such as:

  • Financial
  • Telecommunications
  • Retail
  • Health
  • Direct sale

And in general, any client that requires a contact management with its users in a cheap, fast, and effective way.

Strauss is the future of collection recovery, sales and customer service. It takes management to another level where the user is the center, and while Strauss learns, it takes advantage of its knowledge and interaction to facilitate the goal achievements of our clients.

We invite you to try out this digitalization and management on your users where InteliBPO can contribute to this transformation with his experience, services, and apprenticeship of Strauss.


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