We are a virtual contact center service provider of B2B and B2C communication strategies.

InteliBPO is a Colombian company created in 2007 initially as a technology company giving licenses for massive outbound calls. In 2016 we decided to pivot and accomplish greater commercial reach joined by our Intelligent Virtual Agent which has 7 more channels, delivering a comprehensive solution known as Strauss, our orchestrator and Artificial Intelligence model.

We are a company that offers services while achieving the best results thanks to the technology that we have developed and that permits us to have coverage and compliance indicators for our customers, we have over 14 years of experience in the Latin American market with customers that belong to banking, microfinance, telecommunications, insurance, social security, retail, government, among others. Our work is based on artificial intelligence and disruptive strategies that permits us to augment effectiveness improving campaign results, reducing management execution times, and maintaining an excellent experience with users. That is how we became a lasting strategic ally for our customers and a BPO that is 100% virtual and disruptive in company departments such as collection, customer service and sales.


Thanks to our exponential growth, InteliBPO has a presence in more than 11 countries, with 2 offices in Mexico, Ecuador, and our headquarters in Colombia. Find us here:

We are a smart digital contact center where we improve the relationships that our customers have with their users, accomplishing positive results through personal strategies based on user’s experience.
By 2023 we want to be on the top 20 of the BPO market with national positioning and international presence counting on a digital scalable strategic management model based on continuous self-learning.




Our team

Sergio Andres Contreras CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Jazmín Castellanos Vargas CCO (Chief Commercial Officer)
Luis Camilo Gómez CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
Yaneth Ruiz Molano COO (Chief Operating Officer)
Mariana Useche CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
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