Five tips that are needed in your company if you want to retain clients at this time of new challenges due to COVID 19.

A lot of companies worry about attracting new clients, but they leave aside loyalty strategies for current clients. Loyalty is based on growth and in retaining client’s collection. This is an aspect that needs to be worked on so that the sales cycle does not shut down once the client makes a purchase. This can help you accomplishing relationships with clients, and you will be able to maximize your productivity.

Attracting and maintaining customers has been the key to success of a lot of businesses. To succeed we share with you five tips that can help design your own loyalty strategies and strengthen the relationship with them.

Build Relationships

A way of creating relationships with your clients is to preserve permanent contact. This states an interest for the client that goes beyond your need of selling. It is important to keep an updated list of emails to send them content that generates value.

Create a Centralized Client Culture

A centralized client culture is essential because it will help us position ourselves in their minds so we can get to know each other better. Clients are not only the sales department responsibility, every company’s touchpoint with the client play an important rol on their perception.

Provide Personalized Attention

Clients like when we make them feel unique and important! Call them by their name, make the conversations flow, do not use pre-established speeches. If your organization is cold and impersonal, you could be losing several clients.

Use agile and appropriate communication channels

Marketing emails, text messages or social media are great loyalty tools. Nevertheless, clients preferred channels and the way they want to be reached most be identified.

Exceed Expectations

There is nothing more pleasing for your clients than to receive what they expect. Instead of using fancy words, the experience with your company should talk by itsel. Take in account that anything goes when it comes to making the customer fall in love.

Keep in mind that a new customer is six times more expensive than a new one. All of your loyalty strategies will contribute great benefits in relation to the lifetime value of your clients and the ROI of your company. The permanence and constancy of purchase is what makes your business more viable and profitable. With small actions we can achieve big results.

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